Spirit Vision Portraits

Through a process of exploration and discovery, these images are designed to reflect the spirit of a person.   Using personally meaningful elements of the natural world, a symbolic image  with a narrative is developed, which honors each unique life. COMMISSION A  SPIRIT VISION PORTRAIT for a friend, family member, yourself, an organization or project. Contact Cyndi Strid about your interest in a personal Spirit Vision Portrait.

Narratives and the Symbolic

In this on-going work, I explore symbols in a playful and random way.   As images emerge or symbols randomly are added into the painting, the story associated with the figures  or symbols in the painting begins to unfold.  This allows each viewer to create a narrative that may become personal or universal in its interpretation.

The image with the Rose, is an exploration of the process of war and finding peace. The Peace Rose Blanket and Mandala’s by Cyndi Strid awarded 2nd Place! View the Peace Rose Blanket and Embossed Mandalas, along with other artist’s work about peace. Click here for more information.

For questions or to place an order contact Cyndi Strid.


These works reference the experience of being human as we impact our physical worlds and then return to the invisible world of our personal narratives, cultural values, historical roots and spiritual foundations. For questions or to place an order contact Cyndi Strid.

Figurative Life Drawings

This is a collection of figurative images drawn with charcoal, pastel or oil sticks at local life-drawing sessions in Portland and the Gorge. My intention is to bring forth the emotion or feeling the model holds within their pose.