Why I make art…

My process of making art often employs the elements of play – of taking the risk to leave behind safe, planned artistic approaches, to being open to chance, limitations, and the unexpected, all of which serve as sources for creative inspiration and discovery.  My heart-felt connection to the planet and all species often inspires me to create art related to social issues, the environment and species-specific art.

My work as an artist incorporates both formal study and activities that integrate science, religion and spirituality, and ecological sustainability.  My early training and work as a pediatric Occupational Therapist helped me to understand the need for balance and adaptive responses, if we are to thrive in this time of global warming, and species and resource depletion.

My art works moves between abstraction and representational expression.  The mediums I choose to use are based upon the concepts being explored, hence my movement between paint, pastels, glass, fabric, collage, clay, and found objects. Abstraction often pulls me toward non-objective emotional and spiritual expression, whereas, representational work demands close observation to what is being physically seen.

I am inspired by the values of indigenous cultures, the stories of contemporary mythologists, symbols for developing narrative, and the process of reinventing our culture to re-imagine how we might thrive on a planet with fewer resources and more human beings.

I am passionate about teaching young people, guiding them through developmental-based processes of creativity, self-expression and discovery through art.

I hope you enjoy exploring my art galleries!   Cyndi Strid