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UBUNTU –  “ I am because of You.”  Ubuntu is the expression of compassion toward others and the belief of interconnectedness between humanity & all species on the planet. 

The Red Chair_FlyerThe Red Chair Project is designed to introduce you to the  concept of “UBUNTU”. Pronounced, “Uu-Boon-too,” this is a  traditional African philosophy that offers us an understanding of ourselves in relation with the world.  Ubuntu means,  “I am what I am because of who we all are,” or  “I am, because of You”.

Consider the Red Chair Project as an invitation to stop, slow down, relax and reflect on your inter-connections with others, the community, with the land, and other species with whom we share this planet.

This summer, The  Red Chairs were placed in a local bookstore, our local libraries, a community church, farmer’s markets,  as well as  community events throughout the Gorge.  Over 100 people participated in writing about UBUNTU in their lives.  Participants often remarked, ” We need more opportunities like this in our culture… especially now! Thanks! Let’s do more of this! ”  

WHAT NEXT?  I am in the process of mapping the responses and exploring  how best to share these comments with our Gorge community;  The project may also expand via a social media platform.  The rains have arrived and if you would like to bring the Red Chair Project  to your school or organization, Contact Cyndi  to introduce your community to UBUNTU.

Let’s Keep Ubuntu  alive in the Gorge!

IT IS EASY TO PARTICIPATE! Participants are guided in the following steps:

  • When you see a Red Chair… have a seat!
  • Take a deep breath and relax while you learn and share your personal UBUNTU experience.
  • Open the white box beneath the chair and read about Ubuntu.
  • Write about how a meaningful connection with others or the natural world affects your life.   UBUNTU= “I am because of YOU.”
  •  Put your finished notecard back into the box, so it can be shared with others.

Share UBUNTU and build connections through the Red Chair Project within your business or non-profit, or your school, by Contacting Cyndi Strid, artist and creator of this project, for answers to your questions.


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