Project Description

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In November of 2019 11,000 climate scientists called for urgent action and the need to do everything we can to stop the climate crisis  with action and policies to  move us toward the use of only renewable fuels plus the adoption of sustainable lifestyle choices.

As an ongoing project, these “Postcards for the Planet “  are my beginning efforts to educate people about personal actions they may explore and embrace related to putting a stop to the  high levels of green house gas (GHG) pollution the average American contributes. (16 tons)

These Postcards for the Planet are being shared and distributed throughout the Gorge in public places .  If you would like to share these with your work colleagues – please send me an email with the  # of postcards needed , including your mailing address and I will get some sets sent to you.

Together let’s learn what we can do to solve this challenge and take  Action  to protect our future – together !