Project Description


Create your own picture book – tell a story about an animal,  a place or experience  you know best! Using oil pastels and watercolor and collage,  we  create images that tell your story.   From the characters, places and sequence of events they’ve created, student’s narrate and expand upon their images creating imaginatively illustrated stories.  With this process, students develop descriptive writing skills as they create a self-published picture book. We discuss the work of published artists and writers, as well as sharing  our ideas with each other.

This Image-based Artist/Writers Workshop is well suited for students with special needs, those learning English as a second language and for students who thrive on multi-sensory enriched learning experiences in a small group.

PICTURE-POWER uses a curriculum which improves reading and writing skills on standardized testing as measured by the U.S. Dept. of Education, when students participated in the Artist/Writer’s Workshop three times/week.