Art as Activism – Bleached


Engaging with the concept of BLEACHED, this installation explores our bleached ocean environment and the bleaching of our cultural diversity.  It was created for the Invitational,  Art as Activism Exhibition at Columbia Center for the Arts  in Hood River, Oregon.  The exhibition runs through April 1, 2018.   ON BLEACHED ENVIRONMENTS…. My paintings document the changes of our coral reefs in a short 36-year period, and the ensuing dismay at such a great loss. The Great Barrier Reef, experienced a significant  coral bleaching event, affecting 1/3 of the reef in 2015, and more bleaching occurred in 2017, one of the warmest years on record for our planet.  What causes the bleaching of coral?  Scientists agree the invisible CO2 pollution  we send into our air when we fly, drive, eat beef, heat our homes by burning fossil fuels, effectively wraps a blanket around our planet, making the oceans too warm for coral to thrive. The coral expels the algae on which it feeds, which compromises its survival.  

The Red Chair Project: UBUNTU


UBUNTU –  “ I am because of You.”  Ubuntu is the expression of compassion toward others and the belief of interconnectedness between humanity & all species on the planet.  The Red Chair Project is designed to introduce you to the  concept of “UBUNTU”. Pronounced, “Uu-Boon-too,” this is a  traditional African philosophy that offers us an understanding of [...]

Community Action-W-Art Class


Gather your friends who are passionate about making a difference in your world. Together we will design an art-based experience for the community that calls attention to the need for social, or environmental action. Together we learn how to get permission to use public spaces, to express ideas and opinions,  and use art for inspiring needed actions to [...]

Picture Books Class


PICTURE-POWER CLASS – PUBLISHING PICTURE BOOKS Create your own picture book – tell a story about an animal,  a place or experience  you know best! Using oil pastels and watercolor and collage,  we  create images that tell your story.   From the characters, places and sequence of events they’ve created, student’s narrate and expand upon their images creating imaginatively illustrated [...]

Painting & Drawing Class


Develop skill and technique using graphite, charcoal, oil pastels, watercolor and acrylic paints and mediums. Students are given specific exercises to develop skills in use of materials and to understand formal elements of design as they draw and paint from their imaginations and from life.  We also investigate specific themes and ideas of interest to students.

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