BLEACHED…an installation about our environment and cultural diversity

Excited to share this new body of work with you, my installation  BLEACHED,  is both informative and interactive,  encouraging visitors to explore the causes of bleached coral reefs and the bleaching of our cultural diversity with the Trump administration’s policies toward our immigrants.  Learn what you can do about reducing your air pollution and read  stories of our immigrant “dreamers” to understand their current experience of being Americans.   No More Bleaching!  The time for ACTION is NOW and the potential for a healthy future for ALL species is up to us!  Let’s talk together, find solutions while building extraordinary communities. 

WHAT: Invitational – Art As Activism Exhibition @ Columbia Center for the Arts Gallery

                  in Hood River, Oregon 

WHEN:   March 1 – April 1, 2018 — Don’t Miss it! Tell your friends

                   Opening Reception: March 2, 6-8 PM  Thanks for Attending! 

WHERE:  Columbia Center for the Arts

                   215 Cascade Ave., Hood River, OR  97031 

                   Phone: 541-387-8877

                   Hours: Open Wed-Sun  11 AM – 5 PM

BE A HOST:   If you would like to host this exhibition at your Gallery, School, or Organization please Contact Cyndi  with your request!



Native Bees Visit Crush Cider Cafe 

Crush Cider Cafe IMG_5857

Thanks to the Native Bees, we have delicious cider! At Crush Cider Cafe, the hospitality and ciders are exceptional. Cyndi’s Native Bee paintings and gift cards on display are available for purchase.

Dates: Current

Location: Crush Cider Cafe

120 Wasco St, Hood River, OR 97031

Phone: 800-447-1539 

Hours: Open Wednesday – Saturday 12 PM – 8 PM, Sunday 12 PM – 6 PM



Red Chair Text orig

 THE RED CHAIR PROJECT is an invitation to learn about the African Concept of UBUNTU which translates as, “I AM…BECAUSE OF YOU.”  

UBUNTU is a way of living which honors our interconnectedness between one another and all living species, inspiring us to act with compassion.  This interactive installation was created to encourage personal reflection on how our own well-being is deeply connected to the well-being of others and all that surrounds us.  

 Join The Red Chair Project   by having The Red Chair  visit your school, organization, or library. 

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