Meet the Native Bees! Cyndi’s latest work and story about local bees…

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Where have all the native bees gone?Blue Orchard Bee This body of work began a year ago when I recognized how few bumblebees I was seeing—compared to when I was a young girl, having spent my summers racing through clover-laden grasses dodging the bees to avoid getting stung. The research and discovery began….first [...]

Peace inspired painting by Cyndi Strid awarded 2nd Place Prize

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Peace inspired painting by Cyndi Strid awarded 2nd Place Prize at  Finding Peace:  Art Show and Conversation a juried event sponsored by the Columbia Gorge Community College.  Steve Grafe from the Maryhill Museum awarded The Peace Rose Blanket, painting by Cyndi Strid  a 2nd Place Prize.    Community artists submitted art works designed around the [...]

Native American Art by Cyndi Strid Awarded People’s Choice Award

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Calling the Ancestors, drawing by Cyndi Strid, was awarded 1st Place People's Choice Award by the White Salmon Library Community Reads Project, Koobdooga, in March 2015.  It is a 24" x 36"  beautiful charcoal and pastel native american art inspired drawing.  Our  community read and discussed the book, Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher: The Epic Life and Immortal [...]

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