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About:  Here’s what I’ve been working on…

Scroll down to see art juried into the Art of the Feast Exhibition at

Columbia Center for the Arts  in Hood River, Oregon. The exhibition runs through October 2016.

About these artistic gestures… 

This series of images evolved out of my insistence on creating art within my domestic responsibilities as a mother.  The images document the residue of my practice of incorporating an artistic gesture, using olive oil on a cast iron fry pan, as I cook my morning egg.  A photo is taken to record this ephemeral moment between hot iron and oil.  The alchemical nature of the process led to these unexpected images.  Additional images are on display at the Exhibition.

Cyndi Strid, Artist
within-the-emerald-tablet-c-strid-4513   morning-quench-cstrid-4510   lets-meet-in-the-galaxy-c-strid-4514





More paintings  juried into the Art of the Feast… Stop by to see them up-close – much  larger than a thumbnail:







Windermere Realty Art Show
— October 2016

About the Show:  I was invited to share my body of work,  E:Motion, which is a collection of curated and new works exploring how color, space, and  motion evoke emotional responses.

New paintings and mixed-media work include:







Visit Windermere in downtown Hood River on Oak Street,  The beautiful space for sharing art is open seven days a week and the public is invited to walk in and enjoy the show!

Weekdays:  9 – 5 pm and Sat:  10-3 pm  or Sun:  11 – 3 PM


UPDATE: October 2016

Red Chair Text orig

THE RED CHAIR PROJECT is an art installation project, introducing the philosophy of UBUNTU, to the  Gorge community which Cyndi began in the Summer of 2016.

Jo Jo & Red Chair Project

Over 100 people participated in writing about UBUNTU in their lives, sharing meaningful relationships, and describing how these connections impact their lives.

Here’s what people said who participated, ” We need more opportunities like this in our culture… especially now! ”  

WHAT’S NEXT?  I am in the process of mapping the responses and exploring how best to share these comments with our Gorge community, both on-line and in a more personal format.

The rains have arrived and if you would like to bring the Red Chair Project  to your school or social-service organization, Contact Cyndi  to schedule a week for building  UBUNTU into the lives of our youth via the Red Chair Project.



 What is UBUNTU?

UBUNTU, (pronounced  UU-BOON-tuu) is an African word for a universal concept meaning, “I am because of You,”  or “I am because of who we all are.”

UBUNTU is the expression of compassion towards other human beings and the belief in a universal bond of interconnectedness between all humanity and all species on the planet.



THE RED CHAIR PROJECT is an invitation to write about and share your experience of connecting with one another and the wild natural world –A friend, teacher, something you love to do, a place you enjoy, your work, something you believe in….

The Red Chairs have been placed  in local libraries, farmer’s markets, in front of books stores and community churches or businesses in Hood River, Oregon and White Salmon, Washington during the summer of 2016.   



As Red Chair Events evolve they will be listed in Upcoming Events section and in the Red Chair Project section of Cyndi’s website.     Let’s continue to UBUNTU the Gorge!